About Us

Incidental is a gaggle of stupids formed out of a shed in Minnesota.

//what a fucking mess. i need to get some css shit learnt //chase

Here's the founder of the project, Chase W.
Long hair, good skater and sends it all the time. Gearhead numero uno.

Motto: "why the fuck did i buy a volkswagen"


Max Borner doesn't really skateboard but he has a mullet and is a god on the ripstik.
Manages all the business shit.
Gearhead numero dos.

Motto: "why the fuck did i buy a ford"


Andrew Tomfohdre formerly skated but then weirdly vanished for a year. (is he back? no clue)


Bo Dahlheimer manages the website and is the resident punching bag of the friend group.


Preston Plzak is the epic eboy skater who can land flip tricks in 2 days.


Owen Kramer also runs the website, but he mostly just plays tarkov and makes bomb cookies.

Motto: "turtles are friends, not footballs"


Ethan Otten is a skateboarder with a fear of Cheez its. (don't ask about it)